July 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

So this is my latest DIY Project!! Saw these shorts somewhere online, and figured I could do it myself rather than spend a fortune! And sure enough it was super easy and the finished product is awesome! Definitely are my new FAVORITE shorts!

What you need:

Ethnic Print material

Jean Shorts

Scissors, seam ripper, needle & thread and/or sewing machine


1. I traced the pocket of the jeans onto the ethnic material. ( add about 1 centimeter around the border so you have enough material when sewing it on)

2. Use the seam ripper or the scissors to cut the seam holding the pocket to the shorts so that the pocket is fully detached from the jeans. Do this to both pockets.

3. After removing the pockets, sew the ethnic material onto the pockets. Then sew the pockets back onto the shorts.

And wah lah, your done & have some awesome reconstructed jeans!!

Let me know if you try my DIY!! I’d love to know how it came out!

xoxox MB



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