September 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

My eyes have been glued to this photo. I am taken aback by the beauty, simplicity & colors that are collaborating right now. The chandelier, the dress, the wood table, the furry rug… All the different textures & aspects are put so beautifully together I feel like I am staring at a painting in a muesum. Bravo to Jeana Sohn, who captured this photo of the amazing Raquel Allegra for the most recent “Closet Visit”. By the way, not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but Closet Visit is my new craving. Yep, that’s right I’m adding it to the daily reads! 

xoxo MB


July 10, 2011 § 3 Comments

Dress – Vintage

Wrap dresses and skirts are a dream for anyone who lives in florida. When you walk you feel a little breeze/some airflow which is soo nice, especially right now when humidity is at 100% and the heat is enough to make ya pass out!

I am busy planning photo shoots & distressing/painting furniture for my new apartment! The countdown is on…only 3.5 more weeks till I’m officially in Tally.

xoxo MB


July 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

I could look at home decor pictures all day longggg. They are all so amazing & so inspiring not only if you are decorating & moving into a new place but also if you are just switching some things up in your room. Hope these inspire some of you! ;)

xoxox MB


July 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

Top: Thrifted, Dress: Insight (UO), Jewels: Flea Market & MISRED Outfitters

This top has been my go to thing for the past 2 weeks!! I wear it with literally EVERYTHING! It has become a necessity in my life. When I found it at the thrift store it was 2x larger with sleeves down to my elbows and was plain jane!! So I decided to take it in a little bit, cut the sleeves & neck, and add some FRINGE!

xoxox MB


July 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

So this is my latest DIY Project!! Saw these shorts somewhere online, and figured I could do it myself rather than spend a fortune! And sure enough it was super easy and the finished product is awesome! Definitely are my new FAVORITE shorts!

What you need:

Ethnic Print material

Jean Shorts

Scissors, seam ripper, needle & thread and/or sewing machine


1. I traced the pocket of the jeans onto the ethnic material. ( add about 1 centimeter around the border so you have enough material when sewing it on)

2. Use the seam ripper or the scissors to cut the seam holding the pocket to the shorts so that the pocket is fully detached from the jeans. Do this to both pockets.

3. After removing the pockets, sew the ethnic material onto the pockets. Then sew the pockets back onto the shorts.

And wah lah, your done & have some awesome reconstructed jeans!!

Let me know if you try my DIY!! I’d love to know how it came out!

xoxox MB


June 24, 2011 § 3 Comments

Top: Vintage, Skirt: Forever21, Hat: Urban, Rings: Flea Market

So in love with anything crochet & especially this crochet top!

For some reason it has been ridiculously hard finding something that wasn’t too amish looking to go with this skirt. I hate when that happens! But thankfully this top pulls it all together without looking like I belong on Little house on the Prairie! It’s also super comfy – which is top on my list when getting dressed now! When you are stressed out about moving, finding a place to live, and transferring to a new school the last thing you want is to come home with sore feet from standing in 4 inch heels all day! But don’t get me wrong… I love anything with some height..especially since I’m 5’4 wishing I was just 4 inches taller! ;)

xoxox MB


June 22, 2011 § 3 Comments

Fishtail Jacket: Vintage/Thrifted, Dress: Vintage/Thrifted, Boots: Vintage/Thrifted, Purse: NYC Market, Earrings: Forever21

So…this is probably my FAVORITE outfit right now!!

I cannot get enough of the fishtail look! Seriously, I have contemplated turing every dress/jacket in my closet into a fishtail hem. This outfit is half inspired by Nasty Gal and the other half is inspired by LF! When I was in NYC a few weeks ago, I stood outside in the rain waiting for LF to open, but sadly, they didn’t open for another hour and I had to catch my flight back to sunny FL! I was so bummed. My fingers are crossed & I’m praying for an LF online store soon ;)

Anyways how awesome are these boots?!? Got them for like $4 at a local thrift store & couldn’t be happier!! What would we do without thrifting?!

xoxox MB