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red, white, and black.

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red, white, and black.

those pants


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This is NOT new news, but I figured some of you may know her & some of you may not. Opening Ceremony buyer, Kate Foley is known for her faded LILAC messy hair & funky style. As I’m sure you can tell by the photos, she tends to have this aura of being relaxed, calm & cool. Her “thrown together” looks make me CRINGE (because sometimes I wish my outfits seemed as effortless as hers)! Altogether she is a force to be reckoned with & is now on my list of inspiring people!

What do you think of her style?Who is your most recent “girl crush”?

xoxo MB


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So we all know about my obsession with Free People.. and when I saw this peacock top (by Show Me Your Mumu) in one of their catalogs I almost died & went to heaven! And then a few days later it arrived at Divas & Devils House of Style, the store where I’m interning at. Let me tell you, God definitely know’s the desires of my heart! Hah I even started dreaming about it, and one night had a nightmare that a customer bought the last one we had! But luckily, when I went into work the next day it was still there!! So I figured it was meant to be (even though it is way outta my price range) and bought it! I couldn’t be happier with my impulse purchase :)

xoxo MB

P.S.: We still have some left at the store, If any of you are as obsessed with this top as I was!


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Photo: BFA

My old boss, Sara Stonecipher, owner of MISRED Outfitters lookin’ fierce with the lovely stylist Dree Harper, of at NYFW! Look at these outfits!? They are seriously the most talented stylists I know! I’m inspired, to say the least & miss them so much!

xoxo MB


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So there you have it! My new room. It seriously was so much fun to start fresh and decorate a new space! I went around scouring thrift stores to find the best deals & sure enough that’s exactly what happened. I went to one thrift store & fell in love with 2 chairs they had for sale. But they were priced at an ungodly amount of $30 each. Yikes! So I asked the lady at the register very nicely if the price was negotiable and she said no. Then a few minutes later she came up to me & said you really want those chairs don’t you. And I said, “yes!” so I ended up getting BOTH for only $12! Now that’s a good deal!

Sorry for the poor quality in these photos, but on a college student’s budget that’s as good as it’s gonna get! Just thought I would give everyone a little sneaky peak of my room, and show you all some recent purchases! Fell in love with these one of a kind Jeffrey Campbell’s months ago and recently found them at a local store for only $50!! What a steal, and this Free People dress is from the same store! I am just a little TOO close to this store, and might as well live there! But anyways, enough about me – thanks for reading!!



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I’m itching to cut something up, glue something together and make something fun!So the first thing that comes to mind: a HEADDRESS! Brilliant! I’m so excited to put my own spin/touch on a feathery tribal headdress that I can use in photoshoots & add to my collection of COOL things! Hopefully this won’t take too long..gotta find some feathers that actually look like “feathers”. You know what I mean?! I’m not talkin’ about JoAnn Fabrics, I’m talkin’ real – live – bird feathers! I might even need a little bb-gun for this DIY ;)